The Estee Lauder Companies celebrate 25 years of Championing The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 


These two artworks will be featured in a Roving Exhibition taking place from September to October 2017 at multiple locations. Through this exhibition, Estee Lauder Companies aims to reach the community and inspire action by sharing more about breast cancer, inspiring survivor stories and an early detection message to encourage visitors to go for regular mammogram checkups.


Embrace the Evolving You 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size/ Dimension: 50cm x 70cm
The word “Cancer” not only attacks you physically; it also debilitates
you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The florals symbolises the
importance of staying strong spiritually as it can help you maintain an
unwavering sense of hope, faith and courage in the face of the disease.

Fighting Pretty 

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size/Dimension: 50cm x 70cm
The symphony of intricate lines and dots symbolizes how Cancer is not
a lonely fight. Cancer is something we need to fight together, because
there is strength in numbers.